We’ve worked hard to create a variety of technologies to help better serve your business, including:


Cliq Cares

We’re proud to offer modern and efficient websites for nonprofits – and pay for it later.

  • Cliq Cares sites are mobile-responsive and customized to your organization’s needs.
  • We’ll write any pages you need for your new website, or work with your team to revise existing content.
  • Our team makes it possible for your nonprofit to accept donations at one of the lowest transaction rates available.


PAY By Cliq

Submit ACH transactions the way you want. Our solution supports a variety of communication methods, whether you choose to use our virtual terminal, integrate via API, or use our batch upload feature. We’ve got you covered.

  • PAY By Cliq is our ACH reporting interface with a merchant-centric design.
  • The customizable dashboard will display your most important metrics at a glance.
  • Our extensive reporting allows for easy reconciliation.


Do it all – Order, verify and ship your employees’ cards in one easy to use interface.

  • CARDS by Cliq® is our card order and remediation portal for employers.
  • Real time validation and remediation for CIP and OFAC.
  • Available option: Eliminate the administrative burden and allow your employees to self-remediate.

LOAD By Cliq

Fund who you want, when you want.

  • Easy to use interface allows you to fund your employees instantly for payroll, commissions, expenses and more.
  • Our extensive reporting allows for easy reconciliation.


TIPS By Cliq

Looking for a Flexible, mobile-friendly gratuity program for your business? TIPS By Cliq is your solution.

  • Remove the liability of dealing with cash from your ecosystem.
  • Calculate tip pools and distribute to all of the stakeholders in the value chain.
  • Load tips to employees’ cards instantly.


Need to link your website to Cliq? We have a suite of integration tools to help guide you throughout the process.

  • Control the payment experience and submit your single sale, recurring or stored profile transactions behind the scenes.
  • Query our reporting APIs to update your databases in real-time.
  • Perform validations, order cards and fund employees instantly with card management tools.

Gifting Made Easy

How easy? So simple, you don’t even need to know programming. Our hosted donation pages link instantly to your website.

  • Branded donation page allowing your donors to set up a recurring weekly or monthly donation.
  • Eliminate cost by allowing donors to increase their donation to offset the cost of the transaction to the beneficiary.
  • Customizable fields to track purpose of donation or intended department/cause.

Expense Cards

Take control of your expense program with ease:

  • Activate and deactivate expense cards.
  • View past transactions and current balances on accounts.
  • And much more!