Emilee Post test

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Card Transaction Surcharges- What You Need to Know

Nobody reacts well to the word “surcharge.” It implies paying more for something to cover someone else’s expenses. But some merchants believe these fees are necessary as a way to recover all or part of the transaction fee from a card purchase. The situation is further complicated by different terminology (the surcharge is called a […]

The False Positive Puzzle

For retailers, perhaps the worst unintended consequence of fraud detection is how many sales are lost from good customers whose transactions are mistakenly flagged and rejected. These missed opportunities, known as false positives, not only subtract from a company’s profits, they can also alienate honest consumers. A study from Javelin Strategy & Research finds that […]

‘Tis the Season…for Online Payment Fraud

The holiday season is a time of joy, especially for many retailers that rely on a boost in end of year sales. But it’s not all good will toward men as Christmas approaches, as one security expert predicts that online fraud is about to hit an all-time high. The California-based company ThreatMatrix, Inc. stopped 130 […]

Tips, Fees, and Time-Saving Solutions*

In restaurants and hair salons, hotels and taxicab companies, tipping is part of the everyday practice of doing business. But as much as employees love receiving tips, business owners would rather avoid the headaches of creating tip pools, calculating tip payouts, and keeping accurate records, for both the IRS and other government agencies that oversee […]

Satisfying Buyers and Suppliers with ACH

The best outcome in any business transaction is one that makes all parties involved happy. With B2B payments, it is often the case that what vendors need most to manage incoming payments may be a different priority from those shared by business owners or corporate buyers. Suppliers always want to be paid yesterday. Buyers prefer […]

Why the Smallest Business Still Needs Automated Payment Processing

“Time is money” may be a cliché, but in business it’s also indisputable. Automated payment collection and processing offers a faster solution than the old-fashioned method of collecting payments through invoices. But today’s small companies may not think it makes that much difference. In fact, one industry expert estimates that no more than 5% of […]

More Customers Opting for Mobile Pay – Even At the Store

According to a report issued earlier this year by Bank of America, the number of consumers using their phones to make purchases is now at 40%, up from 34% in 2015. What is particularly intriguing about this is that the trend cuts across all age groups, so it’s not just the Millennials that grew up […]